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Pain & inflammation

Red Light Therapy immediately reduces inflammation. Most people feel significant relief after just one session!

Your First treatment is Free!

Red light therapy is a natural, non-medical, non-invasive way to treat inflammation and pain. Today, scientists have isolated Red Light as the most beneficial in supporting the healing process. This is because of their deep absorption into the body’s tissues and the lack of side effects in this non-invasive therapy. It’s also because Red Light treatment is exceptionally good at stimulating cellular energy production and reducing inflammation. These are at the heart of all physical problems and medical conditions.

Instead of just treating the symptoms of pain with pain medications accompanied by a long list of side effects, Red Light reduces inflammation, alleviating the problem at  its source. For most people, Warm LED Right Light provides a soothing feeling that helps with even the most chronic of pain and provides noticeable relief in just one session. For those who have been battling with the chronic pain. Because of the dramatic impact this can have on our clients lives, we want to give those suffering with chronic pain the opportunity to try it and see if this is a treatment therapy that will work for their particular type of inflammation without any risk.  We invite anyone experiencing chronic pain to come in a try a free 30-minute treatment session to see if they see a noticeable reduction in pain after this session.  If this can work for you, you will know after just one session.

Back & Neck Pain

Joint pain can be caused by injury, overuse, or an autoimmune disorder. Whatever the initial cause, joint pain and inflammation are inseparable. It may be possible to relieve joint pain by removing the underlying inflammation causing that pain using red light therapy.

Chronic problems like low back pain or osteoarthritis joint pain can be eased with periodic red light therapy sessions,

Neck pain. Muscular man suffering from backache. Photo of man with painful area highlighted in red on grey background

Pain Associated with Exercise, Muscle Pulls

One of the most robust applications of Red Light Therapy, is its effects on muscles. can enhance muscular performance especially when applied to the muscles 3 hours before exercise. Red Light can also make exercise-training regimens more effective. It is not therefore surprising that Red Light can also help to heal muscle injuries, not to mention reducing muscle pain and soreness after excessive exercise. It can be used can also be used to treat muscle damage caused by muscle strains or trauma

The Multiple Benefits of Red Light Therapy

One of the most reproducible effects of Red Light Therapy is an overall reduction in inflammation, which is particularly important for disorders of the joints, traumatic injuries, lung disorders, and in the brain. Red Light Therapy can reduce inflammation in the brain, abdominal fat, wounds, lungs and spinal cord. Ask your doctor if this is a viable option for you.
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Commonly Asked Questions

The Warm LED red light is positioned over your body directly centered on your pain area, a few inches away, never touching your skin. You will feel the warmth of the light, much like when you sit out in the sun on the beach or place a heating pad on the pain area. Many people find themselves so relaxed they will doze off during treatment. You will never feel any pain or discomfort.
Most people feel a significant relief in pain immediately after the treatment. For some, they continue to feel additional relief hours and and even days later.
Immediately after your first treatment you should be able to answer that question for yourself. This will be based on the amount of pain relief you experience. If you have significant reduction in your pain as a result of the first treatment, then that is because the source of your pain, like so many others, is inflammation and that is what tells you that this treatment therapy is ideal for you. However, if you don’t feel any significant pain relief, then the source of your pain may not be inflammation and this treatment therapy is not right for you. Because we don’t know whether inflammation is the true source of your pain, we allow you to try it first at no charge. We don’t want you to pay for anything that won’t help you.
No, there are no risks or side effects of our LED Red Light therapy so there is nothing to lose to try it out to see if this is right for you. If you have any concerns, feel free to consult first with your physician.
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