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Loosing fat has never been so easy!

Its almost like cheating. With the help of our Warm LED treatments, you can lose inches faster than you ever thought possible. 

An Immersive Program that Combines Ultra-Body Slimming with our Fully Supported Nutrition Program

At Body Beautiful Miami, we’re proud to offer an intensive 15-Week Immersive Program, meticulously designed to align with your personal lifestyle. The program consists of a tailored Meal Plan, complete nutritional support, and a host of Ultra-Body Slimming treatments, all geared towards helping you reach your desired body goals. We’re so confident in our program that we offer a Fat Loss Results GUARANTEE!

Our program kicks off with an in-depth Nutrition Consultation, taking into account your complete medical history, including medications, supplements, and a review of your latest lab results. Our resident Dietitian, Kimberly Gomer MS, DN, LDN, who is globally recognized for her remarkable ability to guide individuals on a hunger-free path to weight loss, will personally collaborate with you. She will devise a meal plan that considers your lifestyle challenges, ensuring that you achieve your weight loss objectives, boost your energy levels, and elevate your overall health. As an integral part of your journey, you’ll enjoy a series of 15 Ultra-Body Slimming Treatments aimed at accelerating fat loss. You will meet multiple times with Kimberly to ensure your eating plan is on target to support your health and weight loss goals.  You will have unlimited access to Kimberly via email and text for continuous support throughout your journey.

Upon completion of your program, rest assured that Kimberly will remain at your side, providing continuous support throughout to ensure you get the best start on your new journey. Our after program support includes an additional Nutrition Consultation with Kimberly to be used when you need it, as well as unlimited email and text support with Kimberly during your transition to ensure you stay on track. Combining the fat loss from your Ultra-Body Treatments with the additional weight loss from your supervised Meal Plan and support from Kimberly, you will be armed with all the necessary tools to reach your body goals.

15 Week Ultra-Body Slimming Program

Ultra-Body Slimming

  • Fifteen 50-minute Ultra Body Slimming Treatments
  • Six 20-minute Ultra Body Spot Treatments to help with your trouble spots
  • Lymphatic Vibration Plate after each session
  • Weekly 3D imaging Before & After Photos
  • Dedicated Support team with Weekly progress check-ins
  • Fat Loss GUARANTEE! – If you don’t lose at least the guaranteed amount of Fat from your body sculpting treatments alone, we will continue to provide as many additional treatments until you do!

Nutritional Plan & Support
Kimberly Gomer MS, RD, LDN
Director of Nutrition

  • Initial One-Hour Consultation (at the start of your Program)
    • Medical History Review
    • Review of most recent Labs
    • Health, Lifestyle & Diet Assessment
    • Discussion of Weight Loss & Health goals
  • Comprehensive Personalized Meal Plan
  • Three additional Nutrition Consultations to ensure you stay on track
  • Unlimited Text and Email Support with Kimberly during the entire program

Extended Support AFTER Your 15-Week Program Ends!
Your Success is our Success!

  • One Additional Nutrition Consultation with Kimberly to be used whenever you need it to ensure you stay on
    track and make any required adjustments to your Meal Plan.
  • Unlimited Text and Email Support for an additional 90 days after your program ends with Kimberly to ensure a smooth transition to your new lifestyle.

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