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Get back your body confidence!

Taking care of our bodies is an important aspect of self-care. Remember, transformation is a process, and every journey begins with a single step. So, take a deep breath, embrace positivity, and start your journey today!! Your body will thank you!

Fall in Love with Your Mirror All Over Again

Our Ultra-Body Slimming treatment will have you wanting more. It is truly addicting! Who ever thought losing fat could actually be a pleasant experience. You can indulge your body with as many or as few treatments as you want with no limits.

Our Warm LED Red Light is the only Body Contouring device with ZERO side effects, and ZERO pain. It is also the ONLY FDA approved Non-Invasive technology to remove fat IMMEDIATELY. You can see the results of each Ultra-Body Slimming treatment before you walk out the door! Results so consistently effective, for both Men and Women of all body types, that we can confidently GUARANTEE results! If you don’t lose at least 3 inches of fat across your treatment area on your first Ultra-Body Slimming treatment, your treatment is FREE! 99% of our clients lose more than 3 inches! Our average client loses 6 inches on their first treatment!

Our treatment area is the largest in the Industry. A single Ultra-Body Slimming treatment covers your waist to your hips. This allows us to remove more fat in less time. You see immediate measurable inches come off your entire midsection, back and hips in our 3D photographic measurement devices after each treatment. You will be amazed how much fat can be removed in a single Ultra-Body Slimming treatment.

Bigger Treatment Area Means We Remove More Fat!

Body Beautiful Miami Full Body Treatment

Collagen Boosting Properties Tighten Skin and Reduce Cellulite


Our Ultra-Body Slimming treatment can not only remove fat from the body, but it can also tightens the skin in the treated area. This is because the Warm LED Red Light stimulates the body to produce collagen and elastin. These are two proteins that keep the skin springy and youthful. You can experience significant reduction of cellulite and even stretch marks by the end of your treatment journey.

We all have trouble areas that make us self conscious about our bodies. They seem resistant to diet and exercise. We target those areas as part of your Ultra-Body Slimming treatment plan by spending additional time on those areas. More time ALWAYS mean better results! Trouble areas such as arm fat, love handles, tummy fat, hips, thighs, neck fat, chin fat (double chin) and even face fat can be directly targeted by our Ultra-Body Slimming treatments and provide amazing results. This alone can be life changing for many people who have struggled with these areas their whole life.

We can target those hard to hit Trouble Areas


Client Before & After Pictures

Precision 3D Photography Makes Results 100% Transparent ​

Because our Ultra-Body Slimming treatment area is so large, you can experience fat loss across your entire treatment area from your midsection to your thighs. This is true Body Contouring. Although this may sometimes be difficult to see to the eye, our state of the art 3D imaging will show you the results. Prior to the start of each session, we utilize a high tech Vectra 3D Body Imaging Camera to take a 3D body photo. Once your treatment session is complete, we will take another 3D body photo. The software will show you exactly how many inches you lost during each Ultra-Body Slimming treatment, with precision, and exactly where you lost it.
For more information on our state of the art Vectra 3D Body Camera


Commonly Asked Questions

If you are one of the many who struggle with your weight, Body Beautiful Miami offers a 15-Week Nutritional Support Program combined with Ultra-Body Slimming Treatments that could change your life. The program can not only accelerate your results, but help you maintain those results with the after program support included. During your treatment Journey you will be fully supported by our world renown Nutritionist, who has changed the lives of hundreds of her clients. This will not only maximize your weight loss during your treatment series, but you will leave Body Beautiful Miami with the tools and support to successfully continue the weight loss Journey on your own. This combination will give you the best chance of achieving and maintaining your goals and can be life changing! If you would like to find out more about these programs See Weight Loss Programs for more info.
No! There is absolutely no pain, no discomfort, and there is no downtime. Most clients say its relaxing like laying in the sun and many doze off during treatment
Yes! Our Warm LED Ultra-Body Slimming technology is the most powerful and effective medical device for beautiful skin and works on all skin and body types. Treatments have been shown to produce collagen and elastin fibers which benefit skin appearance, resulting in younger, healthier looking and tighter skin. As fat is removed, skin is simultaneously tightened to prevent hanging skin. We also perform treatments on the face which can remove age wrinkles and lines, making you look 10 years younger.
A balanced healthy diet will ensure that the fat you lose will never return. However, you can regain fat with an unhealthy diet containing excess calories. The good news is you can be retreated, as much as and as often as necessary to remove any fat gained post treatment with no ill effects. Occasional maintenance treatments are a great tool use to get you back on track should you occasionally stray from a healthy diet as many of us do.
Our Warm LED Ultra-Body Slimming treatment are safer than any other body contouring technology on the market. There is no limit to the number of treatments you can safely have. There is no pain, no discomfort and no side effects. You can’t be over-treated.
You should expect to lose at least 3 inches combined across your torso and hips immediately after your first treatment or your treatment is FREE! However, the more weight you have to lose, the greater your results will be. Pregnancy related fat tends to be the most responsive to our treatments. You will most likely lose between 8-16 inches. You can also continue to lose additional fat for 48 to 72 hours after your treatments as your fat cells will remain open and continue to drain additional fat.
We take before and after pictures with the Vectra 3D Imaging Equipment. The 3D Vectra will show how many inches you lost, combining your measurements from your upper torso to your lower hips. If the combined inch loss is not greater than or equal to 3 inches, your treatment is free!
A warm light passes painlessly through the skin layer into the fat Layer. Here the fat cells respond by releasing the fat through its pores. It simulates the same natural process your body uses to respond to diet and heavy exercise. Each treatment can produce results equivalent to an average of 2-3 weeks of diet and heavy exercise. Warm LED Ultra-Body Slimming also stimulates the body to produce collagen and elastin. These are two proteins that keep the skin springy and youthful. So as it removes fat it can also tighten your skin and improves your skin’s appearance.
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