Non-Invasive Breast Reduction

For some women, large breasts are a source of psychological or even physical discomfort. It may be impacting your lifestyle, preventing you from enjoying vigorous exercise. And then for others, its just a simple preference for smaller breasts, that seem younger, fitter, and more shapely. If any of these reasons are motivating you to consider breast reduction, this procedure may be ideal for you.

Am I a good candidate for Warm LED Breast Reduction?

If your goal, for esthetic reasons, is a breast reduction of 1/2 to 2 cup sizes, you are definitely a excellent candidate. The new trends of healthy lifestyle and extreme fitness are changing the goals of modern women to gravitate toward smaller, firmer breasts. If this is your goal, this treatment will help you achieve those goals. .

Warm LED is completely non-invasive and comes with our Cup Size Promise!

Treatments are in 8 minute increments and results are immediate. Most women can see a 1/2 to a full cup reduction after only an 8 minute session. No pain, no scarring, no side effects and no down time. Warm LED has the added benefit of stimulating the growth of both collagen and elastin, providing a lifting effect as the breasts are reduced. Warm LED breast reduction also costs less than comparable surgical options. You are treated twice a week until you reach your desired cup size, up to 2 full cup size reduction. And did we mention, the results are backed by our our Cup Size Promise! If you don't lose at least the cup size we promised in your purchased package, we will continue to treat you until you do at no extra charge!

Breast asymmetry, or uneven breasts can be corrected in a few treatments!

The majority of women have uneven breasts and this is extremely common. For some women this difference is barely noticeable, but for others it is more significant. It can force many women to compensate as part of their dress routine as well as making them self-conscious. Our Ultra-Body treatments can correct this condition with no surgery, no pain and no down time. We can customize a treatment package to your specific goals and restore your self-confidence.

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Schedule a free private consultation today. You will sit down with our Warm LED specialist to discuss whether this treatment is ideal for you and what you would like to achieve. You will get to see our clinic, see the actual Warm LED machines, and our specialist will show you first-hand what the treatment will look and feel like. We are dedicated to providing each and every one of our clients with the results they desire. We won't commit to treat unless we are certain that the Warm LED treatments can get you to your goal. When we commit, we will PROMISE results!

Our Warm LED Ultra-Body Breast Reduction Limited Time Web Specials

Ultra-Body Breast 1-Cup Size Reduction Package
(with a 1 Cup Size PROMISE!)

Typically it takes only 1 to 6 eight-minute treatments to reach your goal. However, our pricing is flat rate, so we will perform as many treatments as required to reduce at least 1 cup size from your current cup size at no additional charge. You WILL complete your treatment with a full 1-Cup Size Reduction with Body Beautiful! That is our Promise to you!

Ultra-Body Breast 2-Cup Size Reduction Package
(with a 2 Cup Size PROMISE!)

Typically it takes only 3 to 9 eight-minute treatments to reach your goal. However, we will perform as many treatments as required to reduce 2 Cup sizes from your current cup size, at no additional charge. No Pain, no side effects and no downtime. You WILL complete your treatment with a full 2-Cup Size Reduction with Body Beautiful! That is our Promise to you!

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