Fall in Love with Your Mirror All Over Again

Our full body treatment will have you wanting more. It is truly addicting! Who ever thought losing fat could actually be a pleasant experience. You can indulge your body with as many or as few treatments as you want with no limits. Each treatment will continue to remove inches of fat from your body until you reach your goal.

Bigger Treatment Area Means We Remove More Fat!

Our treatment area is the largest in the Industry. A single treatment covers your waist to your hips. This allows us to remove more fat in less time. You will see immediate measurable inches come off your entire midsection, back and hips in our 3D photographic measurement devices after each treatment. You will be amazed how much fat can be removed in a single treatment.

Collagen Boosting Properties Tighten Skin and Reduce Cellulite

Not only is the fat released and removed permanently from the body, but the skin in the treated area becomes more firm and supple. This is because the light stimulates the body to produce collagen and elastin. These are two proteins that keep the skin springy and youthful. You will experience significant reduction of cellulite and even stretch marks by the end of your treatment journey. This also tightens your skin as we remove the fat.

We Target Those Hard to Hit Trouble Areas

We all have trouble areas that make us self conscious about our bodies. They seem resistant to diet and exercise. We target those areas as part of your treatment plan by spending additional time on those areas. More time ALWAYS mean better results! Trouble areas such as arm fat, love handles, tummy fat, hips, thighs, neck fat, chin fat (double chin) and even face fat can be directly targeted and provide amazing results. This alone can be life changing for many people who have struggled with these areas their whole life.

Client Before & After Pictures


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For a limited time, receive a special discounted WEB ONLY rate to try it out for yourself. Just book your first treatment online.

Initial Treatment Special Includes:
  • 40 Minutes of Warm LED Treatment
  • A BONUS 8 minute Treatment for your trouble area
  • Before & After 3D Photos
  • Full 3D Body Scan for your Treatment Journey
  •  15 Mins on Lymphatic Message Vibration Plate after your treatment
  • Emailed Detail 3D Progress Report
  • Photo Review Session
  • 3” Fat Loss Guarantee!

***Book your appointment online using the Book Now Button and choose Initial Full Body Treatment under the Web Special Category. Limit 1 per person. Expires midnight [todays date -1]

Expires midnight [todays date -1]



Also for a limited time, receive a special discounted WEB ONLY rate to try our Warm LED Lipo out with your Friends & Family.

Our Friends & Family Package includes three Initial Treatments. You'll receive an Initial Full Body Treatment for three people so you can bring your spouse, family or friends to try it as well. That's less than $70 per treatment! You can give them as gifts or you can even split the cost with friends and have a fun day out.

***Book your appointment online using the Book Now Button and choose Family & Friends Initial Treatment Package under the Web Special Category. All guests must be over the age of 18 and limit one Initial Treatment Package per person. Packages must be used within 60 days of purchase. Offer expires midnight [todays date -1]

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