Miami's Men are Falling in Love with our Warm LED Lipo!

Our Warm LED Lipo is the only Body Contouring device with ZERO side effects, and no down time. It is also the ONLY FDA approved Non-Invasive technology to remove fat IMMEDIATELY. You will see the results of each treatment before you walk out the door! Results so consistently effective for both Men and Women of all body types that we can confidently guarantee your results! If you don't lose at least 3 inches of fat across your treatment area on your first treatment, your treatment is FREE! 99% of our clients lose more than 3 inches! Our average client loses 6 inches on their first treatment!

Maximum Fat Reduction. Measurable results!

Our treatment area in the largest in the Body Contouring Industry. We cover more than 7 times more area for each treatment as compared to the device with the next largest treatment area. This allows us to remove more fat in less time. You will see immediate measurable inches come off your entire midsection, chest and back in our 3D photographic measurement devices. You will be amazed how much fat can be removed in a single treatment.

We can target those hard to hit Trouble Areas

We all carry excess weight in one or two areas of our body. We first treat your chest, midsection, back and sides. Then we can come back to target those trouble areas with an extra treatment. We can create a customized treatment plan to get those trouble areas under control. Love handles a problem? Not for us. Whether it is stomach fat, back fat or chest fat, we can target that as well.

Client Before & After Pictures

Precision 3D Photography Makes Results 100% Transparent

Because our treatment area is so large, you will experience inch loss across your entire treatment area from your chest to your midsection and love handles. This is true Body Contouring. Prior to the start of each session we utilize a high tech Vectra 3D Body Imaging Camera to take a 3D body Photo. Once your treatment session is complete, we will take another 3D body Photo and the software will show you exactly how many inches you lost with precision and exactly where you lost it.

For more information on our state of the art Vectra 3D Body Camera


Expires midnight [todays date -1]



For a limited time, receive a special discounted WEB ONLY rate to try it out for yourself. Just book your first treatment online.

Initial Treatment Special Includes:
  • 40 Minutes of Warm LED Treatment
  • A BONUS 8 minute Treatment for your trouble area
  • Before & After 3D Photos
  • Full 3D Body Scan for your Treatment Journey
  •  15 Mins on Lymphatic Message Vibration Plate after your treatment
  • Emailed Detail 3D Progress Report
  • Photo Review Session
  • 3” Fat Loss Guarantee!

***Book your appointment online using the Book Now Button and choose Initial Full Body Treatment under the Web Special Category. Limit 1 per person. Expires midnight [todays date -1]

Expires midnight [todays date -1]



Also a limited time, receive a specially discounted WEB ONLY rate to try out our Warm LED Lipo with your Friends & Family.

Our Friends & Family Package includes three Initial Treatments. You'll receive an Initial Full Body Treatment for three people so you can bring your spouse, family or friends to try it as well. That's less than $70 per treatment! You can give them as gifts or you can even split the cost with friends and have a fun day out.

***Book your appointment online using the Book Now Button and choose Family & Friends Initial Treatment Package under the Web Special Category. All guests must be over the age of 18 and limit one Initial Treatment Package per person. Packages must be used within 60 days of purchase. Offer expires midnight [todays date -1]

Commonly Asked Questions

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  • How does Warm LED Lipo work?
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