Get a Chin Lift without the Surgery

We all have stubborn areas of fat on our body that are hard to reduce. Fat underneath the chin, also known as submental fullness, is one particular area that seems impossible to target. Fat tends to gather there and not diminish at all. Eating healthy and working out rarely have any impact on a double chin and it is in such a unique area that it is difficult to find a workout to target under the chin. What’s worse is that as fat gathers in this location, it stretches out the skin, making it more difficult to slim down. A double chin can make you appear unhealthy and overweight. The good news is that Chin fat responds extremely well for most people to Laser Lipo, making it an ideal choice for targeting that trouble area.

Areas Covered In The Full Body Treatment For Women

Areas Covered In The Full Body Treatment For Men

Men generally carry body fat concentrated in the midsection and Chest and sometimes the legs. For men this treatment focuses primarily on the upper body. This includes upper and lower stomach, chest, love handles and back. Should legs also be a problem we can treat them separately. This can be tweaked based on your goals and the way your body fat is distributed.

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High Tech Measuring to show EXACTLY how many inches you lost!

Body Beautiful Miami is high tech! Prior to the start of each session we utilize a state of the art Vectra 3D Body Camera to take a 3D body Photo. Once your 32 minute session is complete, we will take another 3D body Photo and the software will show you exactly how many inches you lost with precision and exactly where you lost it. You will also receive a detailed emailed report showing your progress across each session and across every session along your journey.

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Commonly Asked Questions

  • What does the treatment feel like?
  • What does the treatment feel like?
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