Target those Trouble Areas

Beach Body for men is meant for those men with less than 15lbs to lose. Have a trouble area you just can't hit in the Gym or with diet? We can target it! Face it, we are all conscious about how we look and when you work so hard to get that body you have always wanted, it can be frustrating to have a few Trouble Areas you just cant get to go away. Now you have a Solution. Body Beautiful Maimi can customize a treatment plan to hit ONLY those hard to lose trouble spots. Love handles a problem? Not for us. Whether is stomach fat, chest fat or even back fat, we can target that as well. UltraSlim removes more fat than the competition and removes it immediately. In addition, UltraSlim is the only device that has zero side effects! It can be used as often as you want, to get the results you want!

We beat the other Non-Invasive Body Contouring Devices for Fat Reduction hands down!

Because we have the largest treatment area in the Body Contouring Industry, our treatment removes more fat in a single treatment than any other non-evasive Body Contour Device on the market. You will see immediate measurable inches come off your entire midsection, chest and back. After just a few treatments, you will be admiring yourself every time you walk by a mirror!

Love Handles that just won't go away.

We all carry our weight in one or two areas of our body. We can tailor your treatment to focus ONLY on those trouble spots. Targeted treatment plans are most effective in reducing those hard to hit areas with immediate results. We will target those areas with double treatments to provide the quickest impact.

Stubborn Chest fat that you just can't seem to lose

Chest fat can certainly be reduced with regular weight training and a healthy diet. However, many men just don't have the time to devote to the required exercise routine. And some men, regardless of exercise, genetically, just carry extra fat in their chest. We can definitely help. Rather than treating all areas during your treatment session, we will provide double treatments focusing only on your chest. This will make a significant difference in reducing chest fat quickly and getting you one step closer to the body you have always wanted.

Note: Although most clients will lost 2 inches on their first treatment, our 2 inch Guarantee does not apply to this service as candidates for this service have much less fat to lose.

Plastic Surgeon Mark E. Richards, MD discusses UltraSlim
Dr. Mark E. Richards is a board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Ageless Impressions ~ Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Richards had the honor of serving as the Plastic Surgery Consultant to the White House for more than eight years. He served as President of his 2000-member County Medical Society, as well as President of the D.C. Metropolitan Area chapter of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. He has been an educator for the Johns Hopkins and the Georgetown University Plastic Surgery residency programs, has developed and published new and innovative procedures in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal, and has taught internationally on subjects ranging from “Salvaging the Unsatisfactory Facelift” and “Minimal Incision Brachioplasties” (which he invented) to the scientific basis of testosterone pellet therapy for enhancing men and women’s health and well-being.

Sample Client Before & After Pictures

High Tech Measuring to show EXACTLY how many inches you lost!

Because our treatment area is so large, you will experience fat loss across your entire treatment area from your midsection to your thighs. This is true Body Contouring. Although this may sometimes be difficult to see to the eye, our state of the art 3D imaging will show you the results. Prior to the start of each session, we utilize a high tech Vectra 3D Body Imaging Camera to take a 3D body photo. Once your treatment session is complete, we will take another 3D body photo. The software will show you exactly how many inches you lost, with precision, and exactly where you lost it. You will also receive a detailed report showing your progress across each session and across every session along your journey.

For more information on our state of the art Vectra 3D Body Camera

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